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Sifab water ATM

Sifab is the largest manufacturer of water dispensers or water dispensers ( WATER ATM SIFAB )

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Address of the company: Shiraz Bozor Industrial Town, Surah Square

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In order to receive advice or communicate with the management, you can register your request by completing the form in front of you so that our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions, dear ones

You can see any questions about purchasing products, how to send products, how to support after purchase, and even questions before purchase in the Go section. For more information about the store’s working process, you can contact us.


1. Providing general technology and business consulting services.
2. Proposing the most suitable design and equipment for our customer.
3. Machine design and production according to the specific demands of customers.
1. Detailed examination of the device in any working method, quality is the first word.
2. Helping our customers to build the equipment base.
3. Dispatching engineers to install and troubleshoot equipment, training line operators on site.
4. Regularly from customers to solve production problems. Support is provided.
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