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Low Cost Water Vending Machine For All Business Sizes

Water Vending Machine
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Water Vending Machine
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The water dispenser allows you to easily select your desired amount of water at any time, pay the equivalent amount, and immediately satisfy your need for water. Today, one of the common and lucrative occupations is selling water. With the water dispenser, after selecting the required volume and paying, it allows you to take your required water without the need for an operator or human force.

Water Vending Machine (Water Atm)

Sifab is the largest manufacturer of water ATMs (SIFAB WATER ATM)

Types of models Water Vending

Buying without intermediaries



Application of water dispenser or water ATM (WATER ATM)

A water dispenser or water dispenser is a leading initiative in the field of water resources supply and management, which is widely used in various cases. With its unique features and applications, this device helps to improve access to water and optimal management of this essential resource.

Water supply in transit areas

The water dispenser as a water supply point in the passageways allows people to use these devices to meet their water needs easily and without the need to search for water sources.

Management of urban water resources

Municipalities can help improve urban water management, reduce waste and increase citizens' access to water by installing water transfer devices in strategic urban points.

Use in public spaces

Installing water dispensers in public spaces such as parks, squares and recreation centers allows people to have access to clean and usable water during recreation and relaxation.

Participation in the reduction of fresh water consumption

By supplying water from local sources and purifying it, the water vending machine helps to reduce the dependence on fresh water sources and is on the way to protect valuable water sources.

Types of models Water Vending

In today’s world, access to clean and safe water is very important. Therefore, water transfer devices are designed with various facilities to provide quality and healthy water. One of the popular types of water dispensers is the card water vending machine.

Wall water ATM

Wall-mounted drains are known as one of the most popular types of drains. This device has attracted attention due to its appearance similarity to the bank teller machine. Placing in the wall ensures high safety and easier access for adjustment and repair.

Automatic water dispenser

Suitable for stores with limited space that cannot install wall drains. The distance from the store allows buyers to carry and load water. Installation of this type of culvert requires an inlet pipe from the basement.

Single nozzle water dispenser

Each of the standing or wall-mounted gutters has a nozzle to collect water. This type is known as a single nozzle water heater. It is not possible for two buyers to withdraw from the same device at the same time.

Two-nozzle water dispenser

All wall and standing cisterns can have two outlets for simultaneous water collection. It is mainly used in stores with high water sales and the need to provide services quickly.

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The largest manufacturer of water vending machines

technical specifications of the water ATM; Water ATM components and parts

  • From the technical specifications of the Sifab brand water dispenser (producer of the water vending machine), the following can be mentioned: Equipped with an industrial steel keyboard Beautiful and sturdy body Can be installed on the wall – metal chassis – tempered glass lighting Ability to support RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Completely modular Ability to support SIM card It has a GSM module for SMS and Internet communication Ability to collect water with desired and fixed volume Complete financial and volume reporting of sales to the manager in person Full error reporting Audio guide of all steps The possibility of playing exclusive and advertising sound Discount system support Ability to store excess water purchased The ability to withdraw water with a password Has SMS systemAutomatic washing system The ability to send reports to 3 people at the same time The ability to distribute the deposited funds directly to the partner’s bank account Reservoir level estimation system Changing the price and other settings of the device without the need for special equipment and only with the management panel of the device itself The tank level estimation system and notification of the end of the water in the tank



"Sifab company's water crossing In wall and standing models."



water atm

Water crossing Sifab ATM

Chavash Tadbir Farbad Company (Sifab) is the result of more than 15 years of continuous efforts and effective presence in the form of an Iranian company in order to realize industrial productions by relying on the technical knowledge of domestic experts, achieving the goal; Supplying the requirements of the water industry has been in the field of water conveying machines.

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